As RSM Dizayn; B2C (e-sales) applications are the e-commerce methods that we use frequently today. Now that the internet is dominated by every field, both companies have attracted to the virtual market and made it easier for the consumers to reach the products more easily and faster. This, of course, has brought convenience and practicality to the commercial.

What is B2C? B2C is an e-commerce method which means consuming without operating. products and prices, delivery conditions, warranty conditions and all other features are determined by the seller and offered to the consumer. If the customer is a B2B company, then B2C is used.

These days, the virtual shopping sites we use frequently for each unit are the best known examples of B2C. In addition to this, the sales of the companies' own products in their own virtual stores are also examples of B2C.

B2C e-commerce has a serious place today as seen in our lives. As a buyer and seller, we are quite involved with the concept of e-commerce. There are, of course, some points to note while companies that use e-commerce use this advantage.

Above all, the infrastructure adequacy and credibility of the prepared site is very important. Of course, if visitors have a question mark about site security, they will adversely affect the sale and the desired profit will not be achieved. The site should also be designed with user friendliness in mind. Correct ad strategies should be implemented, requirements should be considered when the campaigns are being organized. The right product must be presented in the right market, so market research must be meticulous.

Considering these and similar criteria, e-commerce functions as a profitable gateway for companies. If we are going to touch the benefits of this snowy door; it provides 24/7 sales advantage before anything else. Holiday etc. In case you need to close your store, you can sell on all days and hours of the year with B2C e-commerce. The ability to reach direct customers without an intermediary, to reach customer requests and requests more quickly, not only in your own province; it is possible to have many advantages such as reaching the domestic market or even the foreign market.

As you can see, the internet invites us to a world without borders. All vendors that want to grow their business and want to reach their customers faster and easier also take their place in this world. This is what is possible in today's conditions.