RSM; Brochures are the most concrete, live and exclusive material brochures of promotional tools. A brochure of a company, a product, or an activity is a very important tool for delivering as much information and influence to the target audience as desired.

Brochure work is the most frequently used communication and promotional material. There is nowhere to be done without a brochure, a product, a service or an activity.

Brochure is a vehicle that can be applied very easily, increasing the variety. The diversity of brochure designs today; it is considerably more than the other promotional materials in terms of size, material and printing. This diversity is determined by what the brooch is used for. Sometimes a brochure can be produced with the shape and material of a product as well as some very common form, paper and printing. For example, a fabric company can have a brochure printed on a cloth or fabric print, or a multi-page brochure cut into a guitar at a guitar festival. In-flight designs can also be shown as an example of the diversity of distribution routes.

Because all this diversity affects cost, the suitability of the work to be done must be considered very carefully.

When evaluated as a whole, brochures and catalog designs should be prepared from the very beginning in consideration of the following criteria:

For what to do,
For whom,
What is wanted to be told,
How you want to be told,
The amount of budget allocated,
How to reach the target group.