Among our exclusive e-commerce methods, we also include solutions that guide you to purchase only your products and that your overall corporate design is with appropriate credit card and sales solutions, as well as remittance and order fulfillment through mail order method. Even with our order and transfer method, you can check the delivery status of your orders and receive monthly reports. You can easily add, edit and remove your product images and details. E-commerce method product management demo is prepared by credit cardless order method. Please visit our site again later.

We do not build on a specific and pre-existing structure in the sales method with credit card, so we only create solutions for your needs with this method. This structure is both flexible and user-friendly, which means that you can customize what you want in terms of design and software, and it is a more successful method than the standard e-commerce sites, but with a cleaner interface.

E-commerce credit card sales special software We can not show you an example for now, since we are writing your own customized model and only a customized model for you and we will only prepare your e-commerce software for you. In general, package programs are chosen because they are more cost effective. But in an e-commerce model that is constantly growing and needs to be sustained in need of support, it is necessary to prepare software for you at special and affordable prices.

Also ; You can buy ideasoft, shopify, magento etc. support for the development of your e-commerce sites and graphic updates.