The abbreviated version of the phrase "company" is B2B. In B2B marketing, a company's products and services are marketed to other firms. As an example of B2B marketing; advertising agencies, hosting services and graphic design services, office furniture manufacturers. Relationships with the company are constantly being developed.

B2B (Business to Business) is an e-commerce model made from company to company. It is among the most frequently used e-commerce models in our country. It refers to the e-commerce that a firm has in its own space or between different companies.

In the B2B e-commerce model, buyers and sellers will meet on the same website. It is the e-commerce portals that sell the products and services that they want to sell B2B platfroms online. In these platforms, it is possible to offer such things as offering prices, receiving and submitting offers. In the same way, the buyer companies have the opportunity to evaluate the prices and offers of the seller companies.

While B2B platforms can be in specific categories of the industry, they can also include all sectors at the same time. B2B Platforms can be divided into two types, which are paid and free. Paid platforms can also be partly free of charge in service and product display areas. Examples of B2B e-commerce platforms are, and