RSM Dizayn offers design and development services for flash applications, flash applications, which attracts attention and enjoys the attention of the site user who is enriched with animations and nice look, suitable for your business model. We use flash applications in a classic site or CD / DVD applications to support and strengthen your brand.

It is important to note that Flash website design is not suitable for every website application. So if your marketing strategy is the most appropriate solution for flash web design applications, we will develop the right solutions for your successful capture. In addition, since we want to produce suitable solutions for search engines, we decide with our customers to design a flash web page that will provide the best use of your marketing plan.

For example, even though you have an enterprise web site, you can think of a mini flash site for a new product you are producing. You can increase the success of your mini flash website by announcing and linking this mini product flash site on your corporate site. When you open your Yada page, you can zoom in to the areas you want to navigate in the first place with a moving character in a layer above.